End your frustrations!

There is no reason to be unhappy with your pooch! When your dog has good manners, and listens to and responds to you, you will both enjoy life much, much more. And isn't that why you got a dog in the first place?

All training is done in your home, in your dog's environment. This provides a personalized, convienient, and highly effective method of dog and people training. The entry level course consists of seven weekly, one hour lessons. (There is a week between lessons to give you and your dog time to work on each week's material.) After the seven lessons, most all dogs are working off leash with minimal distraction, and are doing all the items listed in the itinerary. 

Of course, not every problem requires the full program. You may have a specific behavior you want broken, and many times, people only need to see me for a single session. 

The training is designed to help you and your four legged freind live well together. Because every dog and every person are unique, I use a variety of techniques to maximize you and your dog's experience. Because I can draw from over 26 years experience of working with over 4,500 dogs, there isn't much I haven't experienced. This flexibility provides effective results where other single method approaches may fail.

It is my goal to help you build a relationshipwith your dog based on mutual trust and respect. Dogs, by nature, want to please us. Most people siply do not know how to effectively communicate with their dogs, and, we have a communication gap, which, in human=speak translates into naughty behavior. I will teach you how to speak better "dog" using hand signals, body language, and of course, your voice.  You will also learn why your dog does what he does,, how he learns, and what motivates him to respond to your commands.