Below is the general curriculum for people who want the full obedience, off leash, total control and responsive dog.  This does not aply to everyone. Some people will only need me for a session or two to fix very specific behavioral issues. 

General outline for training:

While all training is customized to meet your and your dog's needs, our general outline is as follows:

WEEK ONE: Address any behavioral problems, such as jumping up, chewing, digging, counter surfing, housebreaking, ect. Start the basics of walking on a LOOSE leash, ("heel") without pulling or dragging you down the road, and we start work on "sit," and "sit-stay."

WEEK TWO:  Continue with week one material, add hand signals for "sit" and "heel", start "down" and "down-stay." "Down-stay" will progress each week adding more time and duration, up to a half an hour by week five. Distractions get added each week as well.

WEEK THREE: This week we learn about not going into the street, ever, without permission.

WEEK FOUR: Start "Come" and distance control.

WEEK FIVE: We start transitioning to complete off-leash heeling and other commands learned earlier.

WEEK SIX: We go off lead, all commands learned in the first five weeks!

WEEK SEVEN: Poison proofing. We teach your dog that he is never to pick up anything off the ground and eat it!

Again, this is a general outline. I customize all training to meet your specific goals and needs.